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Field & Lab

Field Services

Geotechnical field services may be the most important phase of our work. We provide quality control services to verify that the geotechnical aspects of the project are adequately addressed during construction. These services include grading control, foundation inspection, aggregate base placement and asphalt testing. Experienced technicians, many of whom have engineering or geology degrees, perform all of the geotechnical field services. These technicians are supervised by the principal engineers and by our field supervisor, who has 20 years of experience in the field.
Geotechnical field testing is performed to ensure conformance with the project specifications and our geotechnical recommendations. Our test procedures are conducted in accordance with ASTM test methods. SCG technicians are equipped with nuclear density gauges, which provide fast, accurate measurements of the in-place soil density and moisture. This state of the art equipment allows us to conduct more tests in a shorter period of time. At the conclusion of grading operations, our engineering staff prepares a detailed report documenting all of the grading activities, suitable for submittal to the appropriate regulatory agencies.
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Lab Services

SCG maintains a full-service geotechnical laboratory capable of performing all standard geotechnical tests in accordance with the applicable ASTM, UBC, or CALTRANS methods. We also perform specialized tests to measure parameters such as consolidation, permeability, direct shear, and expansion index. We have formed partnerships with independent laboratories to perform R-value testing or other specialized tests that may be required for a project. In addition, we maintain the in-house ability to test of asphalt materials, including Marshall densities.