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Saddleback Pacific Homes Company, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Tom Williams
Phone: (949) 833-8441
Project: Bel Maisson, Tract 15312
Location: Placentia, California
Description:  Geotechnical investigation and grading observation for a 22-acre site proposed for development with 102 single-family residences. This site was formerly occupied by several oil wells. Recommendations for mitigation of the soils around the wells were provided. Grading recommendations and the foundation and floor slab design parameters for this site were based on the presence of medium to high expansive soils. A preliminary liquefaction study was performed at this site. The results of this study indicated that the on-site soils were not subject to liquefaction. Grading operations were initiated on March 30, 2001. This project is complete.
Dates: March 19, 2001 to 2003