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Southern California Geotechnical offers a full range of geotechnical & environmental services for our clients.

We have the capabilities to carry your project from the initial geotechnical investigation all the way through the preparation of a final grading report.
The principal engineers have extensive experience in California, Arizona, and Nevada performing geotechnical investigations for owners, developers, architects, engineers, and governmental agencies. This experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of the geotechnical conditions throughout this region, and the engineering solutions and construction techniques that are available to deal with these conditions. In many cases, our recommendations have resulted in significant cost savings to our client, while maintaining or decreasing the client’s level of risk. Our experience also extends to the various regulatory agencies that are responsible for reviewing geotechnical reports during development. We have a clear understanding of the requirements of these agencies. Our reports are structured to address these requirements in the first report; reducing the need for revisions to the design after regulatory review. We have developed professional relationships with many of the individuals at these regulatory agencies, allowing us to expedite the review process.